2010.09  Prof. Kim, Yoonsup joined.

2010.03  Return to the receipt of application for admission to Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

2009.08  Prof. Na, Ki-Chang retired.

2009.03  Relocation of the department to the Bldg. S1-6.(5th and 6th floors)

2009.01  Relocation of the Department ROCK to the front yard of the Bldg. S1-6.

2005.03  Receipt of application for admission to two faculties(Physics, Earth and Environmental Sciences)

2005.02  The first graduation for the PhD. degree(one student).

2003.05  A celebration of the 10th anniversary for the establishment of the department.

2003.04  Planting the commemorative Department Rock in the front yard of the Bldg. S1-5.

2003.03  Prof. Yong-Seok Seo joined.


1999.11  Opening the Phd. course

1999.11  Opening the curricula for teaching profession (natural resources,


1999.03  Receipt of application for admission to three faculties(Physics, Astronomy and Space Science, Earth and Environmental Sciences)

1999.02  The first graduation for the Master degree(three students)

1998.10  Appointment of Prof. Na, Ki-Chang to the dean of the College of the Natural Sciences.

1998.09  Holding the Jeon-Ji-Ryun(National Union of the Undergraduate Students studying the Earth and Geology)

1997.09  Relocation of the department to the Bldg. S1-5. (1st and 2nd floors)

1997.02  The first graduation for the bachelors degree(seventeen students)

1996.11  Opening the Masters course

1996.09  Prof. Choi, Sang-Hoon joined.

1995.10  Change of department name from Geological Sciences to Earth and Environmental Sciences.

1995.09  Prof. Rhee, Chul Woo joined.

1995.06  Collaborative research started with Ibaraki University, Japan.

1995.03  Prof. Kim, Ji-Soo joined.

​1994.04  The first issue of the FIELD(Dept. magazine) published.

1994.03  Prof. Ahn, Jung Ho joined.

1993.03  Prof. Na, Ki-Chang joined. Entrance of 40 students for the first year.

1992.07  Establishment of the Geological Sciences Department of the College of Natural Sciences, located in the Bldgs. S1-4(2nd floor) and 13 Dong.


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